Putting People’s Recovery Stories Into a Book

Putting different people’s recovery stories in a recovery book is a simple way to help them reaffirm their recovery. The stories can also help others find hope and connect with how they can overcome obstacles and go into recovery too. One way to start is to buy a  craft scrapbook. 

There are craft books which come with fancy papers, each page being different. Or make your own from a book with plastic envelopes for each set of pages. Each  set of back to back pages has its own plastic sleeve cover.  The page sheets go in back to back, so you end up with something which is just like a printed book with writing on each “page”, front and back.

Download or purchase butterflies, flowers and other positive images. It might be best to find high quality butterfly stick-ons.

Tell the particpants that you are going to use a special narrative approach to pull out the positive elements of their recovery stories. At the same time keep the traumas and challenges, of course, but in a condensed form.

The finished stories should be very short and end on a good note.

Type the stories

                             with a wordprocesser and make them

                                             flow down the page,

              putting more and more indent for each line,

                                                            like this paragraph is written.

Place each person’s recovery story in the middle of the page, and have each person decorate  their page with  stick-on butterflies or whatever common symbol you choose (butterflies are best).

This finished book can be scanned and made into a digital slide show on your Blog or used as part of a Powerpoint to orient people to recovery.


About mentalrecovery

I work in a large mental health clinic and am active in NAMI
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