Heal Your Meal

Mental Recovery can be approached in a lot of different ways. The classic way is with pharmaceuticals, but meds alone won’t often be enough. For depression, a light box in the morning, excercise to a light sweat and talk therapy can all help. And then there is diet. Can it really help?

Whether you are peparing meals for a loved one or yourself or cook for some group, you can Heal Your Meal.

People with mental health issues are much more susceptible than the rest of the population to cholesteral, weight gain and diabetes. In fact, most people in the United States actually face these issues.

One answer to this problem is to change the contents of meals. For the most part, it means making and serving food which is appropriate for people with diabetes. That means looking closely at the sugar content of ingredients or packaged food. Sugars per serving above 4 grams is too much. You also have to avoid fat.

If you are running a food program, it means changing how you make what you prepare, choosing different foods, limiting the portions of those foods which are a problem, and educating the people you feed.

What about the person who says that they should be able to eat normally and a diabetic menu is an imposition? Maybe that argument made sense when most of the population was healthier. In the last few years, however, the United States has experienced an epidemic of cholesteral, weight gain and rising blood sugar levels. Now, or soon, a majority of people will have these problems. So healthy people are in the minority, and to some extent they may sometimes only be offered what the majority should be eating–food with low fat and sugar.

Most people who start eating healthily will feel better right away, and they will live 10 to 20 years longer, so they can enjoy complaining about the food that much more.

“Heal Your Meal” is part of a plan for better mental health. Especially for people susceptilble to depression, it can be essential to overcoming this obstacle.


About mentalrecovery

I work in a large mental health clinic and am active in NAMI
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