Does Blogging With Your Patients Violate HIPAA Privacy?

If you go to you will find discussions of the issues around blogging and patient confidentiality. Doctors blog and even blog with patients while being careful to protect confidentiality.

A lot of organizations have a policy against employees being friends on Facebook, and that prohibition extends to blogging with them, of course.

I imagine that some of my clients might show up on this site to make comments, and if I recognize their names, I will have to decline to post them.

But as I am essentially an Avatar here, what if they appear as avatars too?  I will have no way to know that I am on the internet with a client If it is not automatically a violation of HIPAA, could it be a violation of company policy.

Medical professionals become friends with patients outside the office (the may start out as friends).  Professionals and patients may beome very close, due to what they go through together.

Follow your organization’s policies on whether you can blog as an anonymous avatar.


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I work in a large mental health clinic and am active in NAMI
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