Print Out a Flyer “There’s Always a Way to Get Medications”

Ways to get medications if you’ve left an old provider, never had one in the first place –There’s always a way to get medicatiions whether you have medical coverage or not.

If You Can’t Get or Lose Prescription Coverage,keep a list of all medicines and their dosages!

To obtain a new provider or source of medications, take one of the steps below

[1] If you lost Medicaid coverage but still have Medicare, you need to find a providerwho will take your Medicare as payment for services and write you prescriptions AND either A. pay your Medicare Part D premium to a qualified plan, OR B. meet a state DSHS Medicaid Spendown OR C. qualify for a Healthcare for Worker’s with Disabilities (HWD) with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).

[ A] Medicare Part D premiums vary and have complicated rules—Call the State Health Insurance Benefit Advisors (SHIBA) volunteers at 1-800-562-6900. SHIBA will provide you with answers on how Medicare clients can obtain medication. Have a complete list of all your medications and dosages both for regular medical and for mental health medications. Or [B] Do a Medicaid Spend Down. Go to your local state DSHS (welfare) office and apply (you can also apply online). Or [C] Get Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities (HWD) which is an inexpensive Medicaid Buy-In. Make a regular DSHS Application for Benefits –it is best to apply online. HWD is one of the options in the application. After you have made an application, if you have questions, callHWD at ___________ and leave your name, social security number, telephone number and mailing address. If they send you an application, fill it out and mail it in. You must be employed at least one hour a month (this may be increased and for SSDIers past the end of their Extended Period of Eligibiliy, it is 10 hours a week) – O if you have income from a steady source of self employment in services or sales, you may qualify.

[I2]If you have Medicare and also have Medicaid, follow the instructions below for those with Medicaid.

[3] If you have Medicaid, you have medical insurance and full prescription coverage. Contact the DSHS or CSO or Welfare office and ask what provider you can go to and get prescriptions written and filled—or go to urgent care at a publically funded hospital and ask for meds with your Medicaid.

[4] If you have Disablity Lifeline (DLX or the old GLX), ADATSA or are in another program, like housing, street outreach, prison re-entry, or drug or mental health court, or if the DSHS, CSO or welfare office said “you get a check” or you get “medical” use your Provider One card (get a new one from DSHS if necessary) and ask the welfare office what to go to and get prescriptions written and filled.

[5] If You Have No Insurance:

[a] Always go back to the DSHS ( CSO or welfare) office and ask for help even if you were turned down in the past. If that doesn’t work, then try one of the following: [b] Call 211 and ask for a Community Health Clinic (which may go by some other name). They will always help you, and they should be able to get you your medicationsfree from the manufacturer. –or at low cost. Or [c] Ifyou can get someone to write your prescription, go directly to the manufacturers web site and find the form to download and print for free meds. Fill out that form and take it to whoever might agree to write your meds. Or [d] A doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant medical office or clinic where went in the past may write prescriptions for you or give you free “samples” (given to them by factory representatives)

If Nothing Else Works, and you are out of meds and your symptoms are returning, call the crisis line at 1-866-427-4747 or go to a local hospital (in the Seattle area, Harborview Urgent Care at 9th and Jefferson). (TheresAlwaysAWayToGetMeds.doc/ 


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